Cheshire Autotech

ECU remapping (tuning)

When Cheshire Autotech remap an ECU we are basically fine tuning the program that deals with engine performance. As well as producing greater power and torque Cheshire Autotech also deal with drivability problems at lower rev ranges such as flat spots and hesitation issues giving the engine more initial torque making a more responsive and enjoyable drive.


Petrol (Naturally Aspirated)

Remapping a petrol engine ECU will produce approx 5-10 % BHP depending on exact specification, the engine will also be more responsive on initial acceleration and produce more torque (up to 20%) throughout the entire rev range, giving more response on lighter throttle.


Petrol & Diesel (Turbo)

Remapping a turbo engine ECU will produce 25 - 30% more BHP & Torque depending on exact specification, the engine will be significantly more responsive throughout the entire rev range and under all load conditions. You wont believe the difference this makes on your current car

Our specilaity is VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda models however we do have the technology to remapp other makes and models. Please call us or email for more information on your current car. TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME