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INNOTEC Adheseal White (290ml)

innotec-fs-cleanerINNOTEC – Adheseal – White Cartridge – 290ml

This product is simply unbelievable – see link:-

Adheseal is a unique MS polymer-based glue and sealant that retains its elasticity. The product is suitable for gluing and sealing and provides perfect adhesion to many, difficult surfaces such as metal, plastic, rubber, glass and Perspex. It is very quick to form a skin, fast curing, and extremely flexible.

Adheseal contains no solvents, so the glued or sealed area is not subject to shrinkage or cracking. Neither does the product contain isocyanates.

The product can be sprayed over easily with just about any modern paint system, even wet-on-wet, saving an enormous amount of time.

INNOTEC Adheseal is also perfectly suited for application between two parts for spot welding later.

The handy 290 ml cartridges make Adheseal very economical and easy to use. The small nozzle allows precisely the right quantity to be applied at the exact point where the sealant is required.


  • Very high degree of adhesion to most surfaces.
  • Suitable for application before spot welding.
  • Suitable for almost all modern paint systems.
  • Can be sprayed wet-on-wet.
  • Temperature range of -40°C to +100°C.
  • Deliverable in different colours such as white, black, grey, brown, beige, etc.