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Innotec Repaplast FIX Plastic Repair – (Black)


DPF Doctor is an effective cleaner for loosening and removing carbon and soot deposits in the diesel particulate filter and all this without having to dismantle the DPF.

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Innotec Repaplast FIX (50ml) Black – (Also available in White)


Repaplast will repair and glue most surfaces such as most plastic, metal and wood. Often used in Bodyshops and by other professionals it is more manageable than its sister product Topfix allowing for a little more time to correct and make good. All our customers swear by it!

Now for the technical bit:

Repaplast is a dual component product especially designed for the quick repair and of metals and almost every type of modern synthetic. Repaplast adheres perfectly to all kinds of plastics and lacquered or bare metal parts. The product dries very quickly, as a result of which it can be further processed after just 10 minutes.

Often gluing with plastic glue alone ,does not provide sufficient strength. With Repaplast, not only is the bond a strong one, but the break can also be reinforced. Because the product has a certain flexibility, the repaired part can be put under repeated load again. Repaplast is very easy to sand and can be sprayed over using just about any type of modern lacquer system.

Repaplast can also be applied for the long-term repair of cracks and holes in plastic.

Its packaging in a handy dual tube and the use of the mixer gun makes Repaplast easy to use and to dose with accuracy. The special mixer nozzle ensures the right mixture proportions and prevents the remainder from hardening in the container. This means that an opened container of Repaplast can still be kept for a long time.

Method of use:
Because Repaplast dries so quickly, set out all the tools you will need before starting the repair or gluing. Fix the mixer nozzle to the double cartridge. When using a new cartridge for the first time, always squeeze out and discard the first two centimetres, to guarantee an optimal mix of the Repaplast. After use, do not remove the mixer nozzle; exchange it the next time you want to use the product.


-Dual component product for repairing plastic.
-Excellent adhesion.
-Very fast drying.
-Perfectly sandable and sprayable.
-Handy dual tube ensures accurate dosing.


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