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Innotec Top Fix Black Repair Glue x 3 PKS


Topfix is a two-component product specifically designed for quickly gluing with endless applications. Topfix has excellent adhesive power and can be used on many different surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, etc. The product cures ultra-fast, and generally the glued part can be used again after 10 minutes.

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Thanks to its unique formula, Topfix offers extremely strong gluing results. Topfix is also flexible to a certain extent, which allows the product to be used for a variety of applications. When combining the use of Topfix with Repaplast Primeryou will get a unique combination of products which can even be used on the most difficult surfaces such as recycled plastic, natural stone, metal, stainless steel and Plexiglas.

Thanks to its unique properties, Topfix makes it possible to glue objects that were impossible to glue before. It also allows you to repair parts, which you would normally throw out. Topfix is also perfect for a wide range of emergency repairs.

TopFix offers great firm results and has an extended spray clean interval. This makes it perfectly suitable for vertical glue joints that cannot be glued or modelled in one go.
Topfix is available in two shades. The discreet white-grey colour allows you to repair almost any light-coloured lighting units in the vehicle industry, for instance. The product is also available in black for gluing black-coloured and inconspicuous applications.

Topfix is very user-friendly and can be dosed very accurately thanks to the handy double cartridge and the Mixer Gun. The special mixer nozzle allows you to obtain the perfect mixture and will prevent the remainder of the product in the cartridge from hardening, which means that opened cartridges of Topfix can still be used afterwards.

Surface preparation:
The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. Clean surfaces with Innotec

Method of use:
Because Topfix dries so quickly, set out all the tools you will need before starting the repair or gluing. Fix the mixer nozzle to the double cartridge. When using a new cartridge for the first time, always squeeze out and discard the first two centimetres, to guarantee an optimal mix of the Topfix. After use, do not remove the mixer nozzle; exchange it the next time you want to use the product. Gather up the parts to be glued and roughen or sand the contact surfaces. Clean the parts using Innotec Repaplast Cleaner Antistatic. If necessary, pre-treat with Innotec Repaplast primer New Formula. Use the mixer nozzle to spread the Topfix on the surface and join the parts to be glued together as quickly as possible, within 10 seconds. Keep the repair area fixed for a short time until the Topfix has strengthened sufficiently. The repaired part can be treated again after 10 minutes. This includes milling, drilling, tapping, etc


– Excellent adhesive power on many different surfaces
– Ultra fast drying
– Glued part can be handled soon after application
– Very firm
– Available in two shades: black or grey
– Good temperature resistance
– Two-component product for quick gluing
– Handy double cartridge with mixer nozzle for accurate application.


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