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Innotec Diesel Plus – 1 x 250ml bottle Fuel Additive


Innotec Diesel Plus is a very effective additive for the complete fuel system of a diesel engine and is available from Cheshire Autotech – Your Authorised Innotec Supplier.

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Diesel Plus is a very effective additive for the complete fuel system of a diesel engine. The product optimises combustion, thereby producing fewer carbon emissions, and less pollution and wear.

Diesel Plus contains very active ingredients which ensure that the diesel engine performs better under all circumstances. The product considerably improves the cold start. This means that the engine will emit less carbon during its hot run phase. The product will also ensure that the quality of the diesel remains at its best. Using Diesel Plus means better combustion, which in turn means less noise, vibrations and wear of the engine.

For the end user a clear instruction card is being supplied which explains the purpose of cleaning. Besides that, the instructions for the next refuels are clearly described.

The handy packaging with the long, thin neck makes Diesel Plus very easy to add to the fuel system. The concentrated 250 ml content is sufficient for a full clean.

Method of use:

Shake the bottle before use. Add Diesel Plus to the fuel tank before filling. For best results repeat for every 4th or 5th refill of the fuel tank.


Easy to use without disassembly.
Cleans the entire fuel system.
Powerful cleaning.
Improves combustion.
Optimises fuel consumption.
Dissolves carbon and soot deposits.

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