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Problems with LIMP mode on my Vectra 1.9 cdti 150 BP

vauxhall tuningI contacted Blair at Cheshire Autotech when I experienced major problems with LIMP mode on my Vectra 1.9 cdti 150 BP. I had already removed the internals of my Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF),however the car was running dreadfully. I had also blanked off the EGR valve, which was causing a fault light on my dash. “No problem said Blair”, I can sort that. When I started talking to him about the car, he suggested not only installing DPF & EGR removal software, but to combine these with a performance remap at the same time. Great, kill three birds with one stone. After a couple of runs and some fine tuning to the injector durations and boost levels, the Vectra was absolutely flying, with little or no smoke under full load. No more lumpy idle, no more limp mode and approx 185-190 BHP…. The car is now awesome. This guy knows his stuff…! Simon (Warrington)

Octavia vRS Tuning

Well what can I say. Nothing short of amazing. When I bought this car, I thought it was missing something. It appears to have been missing your tune up.

If you read the write up on the Octavia vRS on Auto Express ( , it states “Take off for the first time and you’ll probably find yourself trying to rescue the Octavia from stalling. Even though there’s 350Nm of torque available from only 1,800rpm, the way the unit is set up means the car feels reluctant to pull away, and so accurate use of the clutch and throttle is required

2006 Audi A8 3.0 Tdi Quattro – DPF Removal Software & Major LIMP Mode problems

I had Blair from Cheshire Autotech to try to resolve the problem with my Audi A8 3.0 Tdi Quattro. The car had been stuck in limp mode foralmost 6 months in total, due to a D P F filter problem.

Numerous companies (including Audi and remapping/DPF removal specialists) had tried and failed to resolve this problem for me. Blair arrived to do the job on a Saturday morning extra early to accommodate me, he estimated that the job would take approximately an hour or so.

Audi TT – DSG Gearbox problem

My 2007 Audi TT had just been in and out of the main dealership, due to a gearbox oil leak.  This proved to be a very stressful and painful experience. Apart from very poor customer service, my TT was still covered in oil, even after they claimed they had solved the problem.

When I eventually got it back however, the gear change on the DSG box was both noisy and lumpy. Having lost complete confidence in the main dealers’ ability, I took my TT to Blair at Cheshire Autotech in Warrington, having been recommended by a work colleague.